Manotick Neighbourhood Watch

Manotick Neighbourhood Watch has been  SHUT DOWN!

Make the Right Call!

What Happened?

For 10 years, the Manotick Neighbourhood Watch received information from our Community Constable, refined the information and shared it with it's members. Unfortunately, our new Community Constable, Arun Daniels, has not got the time nor direction from his superiors to deliver the information that we need to continue the Neighbourhood Watch. He does provide rudimentary information on a few categories of crime, but these add up to one or two events a month and represent a tiny fraction of the crime facing our community.

I tried to re-establish the flow of information by meeting with the Ottawa Police Service and also with our City of Ottawa Councillor, Scott Moffatt. Councillor Moffatt was eager to help, however, I was informed by the Ottawa Police Service had neither the time nor desire to continue the information flow we were accustomed to from our previous Community Constables. The Ottawa Police Service indicated that along with a lack of resources, they also could not provide the information for Privacy reasons. While I understand the need for Privacy, the Watch only needed information levels equivalent to the details Cst. Arun Daniels provides as a part of the few categories of crime he delivers information on now. So I'd like to know what the difference is for other categories of crime?

Will the Manotick Neighbourhood Watch Restart?

Sadly, no, the Manotick Neighbourhood Watch as it was will not be restarted.

What Do We Do Now?

I would encourage you to continue to call the Ottawa Police Service to report crime. I have left the Contact Information - Make the Right Call - on this website on the right of the screen.

The Ottawa Police Service has a web based crime mapping tool available to the public. I trialed this tool as a possible replacement to the information I could not get directly from our Community Constable. There were lots of events in our area shown on the tool, but sadly, there was no details and many of the events lacked even a category that could give reasonable person a glimpse as to the type of event. I encourage you to go to their site and take a look for yourself. OPS Crime Tool

You can read our local newspaper which has a section dedicated to Cst. Arun Daniels. Unfortunately, his column includes crime in all the communities he serves and they only fall into a small set of categories.

You can call (613-791-4094) or email ( Chief Charles Bordeleau and let him know that you are not happy about this situation.

Final Words

I would like to thank all the Members of the Manotick Neighbourhood Watch for 11 great years!